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              Shawn Ellington, better known as Murder Nova.

              Photo by: Noah Schutz

              Noah Schutz

              Murder Nova Announces First Race in Street Outlaws’ No Prep Kings Series

              405 racer Sean Ellington answers fans calls to pull up to the line after two years of silence.

              Fans have been asking for years, and Shawn Ellington has finally answered. He’ll be joining Team 405 in the Murder Nova for the final race of No Prep Kings season three!

              Ellington dropped the surprise announcement during a Facebook Live on Monday evening, while speaking about a few quick repairs on the Murder Nova and recapping his testing last weekend on the track in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

              “We’re gonna hit the last, final NPK (No Prep Kings) of the season in Ennis next weekend,” Ellington said. “We’re gonna go down there, race our way in, and see where we stack up against those guys.”

              Ellington further clarified to fans why he hasn’t raced in the No Prep Kings series. Fans of Street Outlaws have been calling for Murder Nova, as well as his counterpart Big Chief, to pull up to the line and prove they have the chops to take on the sketchy, often dangerous “no prep” tracks.

              “We’ve never been against NPK,” Ellington explained. “We just haven’t done it. The schedules... Hands down, those guys that do the street stuff that we do, and every other weekend they swap their cars and go race No Prep Kings. That’s a lot. I can’t imagine doing it the way those guys are doing it. And they’re fast on the street and on the track. So, we’re going to see… We haven’t had the best season on the street, so we’re gonna give it a shot at the track and see if we can go fast. So we’ll do the race-our-way-into-it and see how we stack up against all those guys.”

              The 1969 Small Block Chevy Nova known as “Murder Nova” has been undergoing a transformation from M5 fuel to M1 in preparation of its No Prep Kings debut. Ellington has reported his “little” 482ci Chevy motor pulled 3200HP during its latest DYNO session, and with some additional testing and tuning underway, Murder Nova is feeling confident to take on the baddest steel body cars in the country.

              STREET OUTLAWS 5

              STREET OUTLAWS 5

              Murder Nova performs a burnout before his race against Jeff Lutz

              Earlier this year, Big Chief answered No Prep Kings’ racemaster Chuck Seitsinger’s call to join Team 405 in the series.

              “I’ve got a guy at the shop, and he’s building a no prep car. And I’m not really, you know, savvy to all the no prep stuff, so this guy’s gonna spend some money and he wants to go no prepping,” Big Chief said in a call to Seitsinger. “I don’t know if he’s gonna have a car that could win… I mean, I know you know who I’m talking about. It’s me.”

              “You guys are out there, you’re doing it, and as much, you know, as much as I want to say that I’m street to the core, like, honestly, I’m just race,” Chief continued. “I just want to race, you know. Everybody that I race was out there racing for $40,000 every month and I’m sitting on my a** waiting on how to get home. I know it’s gonna be tough if I do it. I want to earn it.”

              While the final race happens in Ennis, Texas during the weekend of October 25, fans can watch the No Prep Kings championship series each week on Discovery’s Motor Mondays at 9pm.

              Catch up on past episodes with Discovery GO, and join the conversation on social by using the hashtag #NoPrepKings and follow Street Outlaws on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for updates.

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