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              Photo by: ADRIAN BERRYHILL

              ADRIAN BERRYHILL

              No Prep Kings Season Opener Grants Ryan Martin?a Third Shot at Victory

              Ryan Martin and Fireball Camaro came back with a vengeance, walking away with $40,000, the points lead, and bragging rights from the first event of season three.

              The third annual Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings points championship kicked off in Mechanicsville, Maryland at the Maryland International Raceway with the biggest names, fastest cars, and most explosive drag racing seen around the country.

              The series is composed of nine races held in nine different cities, with $40,000 up for grabs at every event. Drivers earn 5 points for every round they run, and the ultimate crown is granted to the points winner at the end (along with a cool $100,000).

              Ryan Martin re-entered the competition after two seasons of tragically close losses. In season one he lost to Birdman in the final “double points” round. Then in season two, with a huge gap in points on the board, he suffered a loss in the first round of the finale that opened a narrow gap for Mike Murillo to squeeze by. Martin and Fireball Camaro came back with a vengeance, and walked away with $40,000, the points lead, and earned bragging rights from the first event of season three.

              Here's your recap of how it all went down at the No Prep Kings season three opener:

              The event kicked off with first-round callouts. Before drawing chips, Team 405 and Team Texas issued strategic callouts against their own teammates who were experiencing car issues, as a way to prevent outsiders from gaining an advantage. Doc called out Kamikaze, while Kayla Morton called out Boosted. Chuck Seitsinger attempted to call out "The Mistress" driver Shawn Wilhoit, who rejected the grudge race due to his blown motor.

              Round 1 Races

              1. Doc vs Kamikaze
              2. Shawn Wilhoit vs Ronnie Pace
              3. Chris Poncia vs Daddy Dave
              4. Boost vs Kayla Morton
              5. Mike Murillo vs Brian Chucky Davis
              6. Larry Larson vs Birdman
              7. Dominator vs Jeff Lutz
              8. Chuck 55 vs Kye Kelley
              9. Bobby Ducote vs Cody Baker
              10. The Vixen vs Disco Dean
              11. Petey Smallblock vs Ruben Ybarra
              12. Randy Williams vs Jerry Bird
              13. Jason Lancaster vs Robin Roberts
              14. The Reaper vs Megalodon
              15. B-Rad vs Guiseppe Gentile
              16. 16. Ryan Martin vs Kelly Bluebaugh
              17. Monza vs Axman
              18. Chuck Seitsinger vs Scott Taylor
              19. Eric Bain vs Bye

              An argument erupted over Birdman and Larry Larson's race in the first round, after Chuck Setisinger accused Birdman of red-lighting. Boosted attempted to explain the tree had malfunctioned, but tensions roared between the two and fists started swinging.

              Photo by: ADRIAN BERRYHILL

              ADRIAN BERRYHILL

              "There's a true f****** rivalry between Texas and the 405, and it got between Boosted and Chuck," Jeff Lutz said. "Nobody's safe... We're not all one big happy family here. It's 405 against Texas."

              Round 2 Races

              1. Scott Taylor vs Kayla Morton
              2. Birdman vs Monza
              3. Megalodon vs Ruben Ybarra
              4. Ryan Martin vs Mike Murillo
              5. Chuck 55 vs Robin Roberts
              6. Disco Dean vs Daddy Dave
              7. Ronnie Pace vs Jerry Bird
              8. Giuseppe Gentile vs Eric Bain
              9. Cody Baker vs Doc
              10. Jeff Lutz vs Bye

              The 405 took Texas to task going into the final rounds of the event, highlighted by Ryan Martin’s second-round win against season two champion Mike Murillo.

              Photo by: ADRIAN BERRYHILL

              ADRIAN BERRYHILL

              Round 3 Races

              1. Daddy Dave vs. Robin Roberts
              2. Megalodon vs. Jeff Lutz
              3. Birdman vs Giuseppe Gentile
              4. Ryan Martin vs Jerry Bird
              5. Cody Baker vs. Kayla Morton

              By the end of round three Texas had little leg to stand on, but the Lucky Loser re-draw after round three brought Birdman back up to the line against Ryan Martin.

              Photo by: ADRIAN BERRYHILL

              ADRIAN BERRYHILL

              Round 4 Races

              1. Daddy Dave vs Kayla Morton
              2. Robin Roberts vs Magalodon
              3. Ryan Martin vs Birdman
              4. Jerry Bird vs Giuseppe Gentile

              The semi-final round saw 405 taking on 405 for the finals between Daddy Dave and Ryan Martin.

              Round 5 Semi-Finals

              1. Robin Roberts vs Giuseppe Gentile
              2. Daddy Dave vs Ryan Martin

              In the end, the 405 didn’t have Texas to contend with, but weather rained out Maryland International Raceway and the finals were delayed for three weeks. Martin and Gentile made a gentleman’s agreement to settle the win at start of the following event in New Hampshire, where the Fireball Camaro crushed it for $40,000.

              Round 6 Finals

              1. Ryan Martin vs Giuseppe Gentile

              Photo by: ADRIAN BERRYHILL

              ADRIAN BERRYHILL

              Tune in every Monday at 9p on Discovery and Discovery GO for the next eight weeks of the Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings championship. Join the conversation on social by using the hashtag #NoPrepKings and follow Street Outlaws on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for updates.

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